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This summary is fetched every 10 minutes from our live monitoring system. Links are removed to prevent disclosure of sensitive infrastructure details.

Tactical Status Overview Last Updated: Tue Dec 5 18:40:02 UTC 2023
Updated every 90 seconds
Nagios® Core™ 4.4.5 -
Logged in as nagiosadmin
 Monitoring Performance
Service Check Execution Time:0.01 / 10.48 / 1.232 sec
Service Check Latency:0.00 / 0.00 / 0.000 sec
Host Check Execution Time:4.04 / 30.03 / 5.565 sec
Host Check Latency:0.00 / 0.00 / 0.000 sec
# Active Host / Service Checks:18 / 82
# Passive Host / Service Checks:0 / 0

 Network Outages
0 Outages
 Network Health
Host Health:94.4% Health
Service Health:96.3% Health
1 Down 0 Unreachable 17 Up 0 Pending
1 Acknowledged
2 Critical 2 Warning 0 Unknown 78 Ok 0 Pending
2 Acknowledged
1 Disabled
1 Unhandled Problems
1 Disabled
 Monitoring Features
Flap Detection Notifications Event Handlers Active Checks Passive Checks
Flap Detection Enabled  
All Services Enabled
No Services Flapping
All Hosts Enabled
No Hosts Flapping
Notifications Enabled  
All Services Enabled
1 Host Disabled
Event Handlers Enabled  
All Services Enabled
All Hosts Enabled
Active Checks Enabled  
2 Services Disabled
All Hosts Enabled
Passive Checks Enabled  
All Services Enabled
All Hosts Enabled
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Commercial Internet Solutions provides internet applications and services to Small Business clients around London. from our Tier 4 hosting facility - Custodian in Maidstone Kent using n+1 redundant Supermicro servers.

We provide fast web and secure (SSL) imap and pop3 email hosting and cheap, compliant easy to use email marketing software.

We host, manage and backup Microsoft Windows Small Business Servers, dedicated Linux servers and Asterisk/ SIP based VoIP PBX solutions.