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Increasingly service providers are using third parties for email filtering leaving them no direct control over what is included/excluded or the ability to diagnose non-delivery of email.

CIS owns it's own filtering infrastructure, using 8 rejection systems spread over 4 paradigms/technologies. Our solution is used in over 30 domains containing thousands of email addresses jointly receiving over 12000 emails per day.

We don't just monitor our own infrastructure, but also delivery to and from other providers 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure we correct any issues before clients complain about missing emails.

MX Services

CIS offers an MX (Smart Mailer or eMail eXchange) service for clients who have their own email servers for final delivery.

We operate on the premise that no email should ever be lost, if we are not able to deliver an email to you we notify the sender.

We deliver email to you as quickly as possible, there is no unnecessary queuing or delays.

Additional features:

We will clean your inbound email of spam, and actively notify the sender at the SMTP level that the email will not be delivered.  This means that you do not need to have a spam/junk mail folder where emails go unresponded to (experience has taught us that many disagreements stem from the mis-use of Junk Mail folders).

CIS actively rejects email for users that the final (your) server does not accept email for by testing the address and caching the response.  This further ensures that if CIS accepts the email we will be able to get it to you.

Email throughput Email Throughput

Host your email with us from £17.50 per mailbox per annum.

To prevent spammers from using your email address to send spam, publish an SPF Record it's easy and free.

Our anti-spam solution is so successful it has been sold into other hosting companies.

Spam filters can cause significant delays to email delivery.  Ours don't.  Over a measured 31 day period we acheived email delivery in 11.65 seconds (average). Lowest 9s and Max 22s. [measured from the start of the SMTP transaction until the email was detected using IMAP IDLE, sent and received from an independantly provided ADSL line]

Top 10 threats detected by our systems so far this week, not including nearly 300 messages/hour blocked via RBLs:-

Most importanly we have less than 5 complaints a year (out of 250000 emails) i.e. less than 0.00016%.

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Commercial Internet Solutions provides internet applications and services to Small Business clients around London. from our Tier 4 hosting facility - Custodian Data Centers in Maidstone Kent using n+1 redundant Supermicro servers.

We provide fast web and secure (SSL) imap and pop3 email hosting and cheap, compliant easy to use email marketing software.

We host, manage and backup Microsoft Windows Small Business Servers, dedicated Linux servers and Asterisk/ SIP based VoIP PBX solutions.