Open Source Solutions and
Bespoke Software Development

CIS supports and advocates Open Source solutions and standards where possible.

If you're in the London area Contact Us if there is an issue we might be able to help with.  These are examples of what we've previously been asked to help with:-

  • Our own Linphone APK that uses a device's IMEI to provision off our own provisioning server for effortless softphone deployment.
  • CLI issue with a FreeSWITCH BT SIP Trunk diagnosed to a custom Webapplication dialstring and code solution suggested.  This proved to be valid in production.
  • QuickFIX/J FIX integration for Currency trades with Barclays, CITI and Lloyds.
  • (PHP) Joomla Module and Plugins to interface with social network platforms.
  • Java software to run in the background adding functionality to a Windows .NET application by accessing the underlying SQL database
  • Diagnosing a fault in a RAM module in a production server that manifested as the server becoming slow when enough RAM was used by the OS.
  • Introduced Windows Remote Desktop Services to a small company that was 100% Mac-based to facilitate use of a .NET application.
  • Inconsistent audio dropouts on a Asterisk PRI implementation
  • Using Owncloud to create a viable open source Groupware alternative to MS Exchange

We try to avoid any solution that requires license fees or is simply a resale agreement. We will, however, happily provide advice regarding licensed products and will put you directly in touch with resellers who we have had dealings with.

Every solution has a place, but we don't see the benefit in marking up other solutions.

Not all issues are resolved best with off the shelf or commercially available products.

A completely bespoke solution is usually more expensive than is justifiable and an off-the-shelf solution does not always met your needs.

We have experience in ammending Open Source software on many levels to try to gain the best of both options.

Langauages: PHP, Perl, JAVA

Content Management Systems: Joomla, Wordpress

Our Existing Products: We will happilly talk to you about using our existing products to put in place an appropriate Disaster Recovery / backups solution.

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Commercial Internet Solutions provides internet applications and services to Small Business clients around London. from our Tier 4 hosting facility - Custodian Data Centers in Maidstone Kent using n+1 redundant Supermicro servers.

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