Virtual Private Servers

We support both Operating System virtualisation (using OpenVZ) and Native virtualisation (using KVM, including VIRTIO for increased disk performance.)

We provide both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

VPS Advice - Buying Guidelines

When buying or leasing a VPS you are in effect buying these components:-

  • Bandwith: Is there enough for your needs and is the device located physically close to your users?  If there is a large physical distance (many cheap providers are located in the US) things will be less responsive.  Depending on what you're hosting this could matter, or it might not.
    • Our servers are in a Tier4 data center only 2ms from the London INternet eXchange point (LINX) and London Network Access Point (LONAP) with more than 20Gbps redundant access.
  • RAM: A VPS can show that it has 512MB of memory, but this might not be instantly available when your VPS needs it.  Much like airlines oversell plane tickets a VPS host can over sell RAM by swapping your applications to disk.  This has the effect that things could be up to 100X slower until some RAM is freed up and the your application is swapped back in.
    • Our servers have more than enough RAM, and in fact do not even have swap memory allocated.
  • CPU: This is the most easily over sold component since in most environments it is the least used.  The key is to ensure that computational tasks are responsive - perhaps log the time it takes to run certain key functions to ensure you're not on an overloaded host.
    • We operate Dual Quad core Intel Xeon servers and would be happy to show CPU utilisation graphs to prove we have the reasouces to accommodate you.
  • Hard drives: Hard drives start writing data on the outer edge of their platters, data access here is almost 1.5X faster than toward the inside.
    • We use RAID1+0 (for best redundancy and best performance) and ensure that when individual drives are more 50% used we move data onto another drive.

You could have access to a standard Linux VPS in less than 1hr (perhaps a little longer over weekends) - We have images available for CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

Commercial Internet Solutions were the complete package when it came to service. As a total IT novice, I need to use someone whom I feel is 100% trustworthy and in whom I have total confidence. We were dealing with a firm who we never felt were being totally open with us and as a result we felt the need to move the server away from them to a firm who we were completely comfortable with. both in terms of pricing and professionalism. The service provided to RVB was clear and utterly professional and as a result I would have no hesitation in recommending their services. Christopher Birts, RVB Currency

We support both:

Operating System virtualisation (using LXC). This is flexbile and cheap, but due to limitations there are things you can not do.  It won't work in all situations. With templates for CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

  • We use this technology to host our Asterisk IPBX products.
  • not suitable for Windows hosting.
  • will be delivered with the  basics set up and a single IP address. Webmin can be installed if required to allow remote administration. Cost are from £150pa for 512MB RAM and 15GB diskspace.

and Full or Native virtualisation (using KVM).  Any operating system required i.e. Windows Small Business Server essentials or any version of Linux.  Please contact us with details for a quote.


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Commercial Internet Solutions provides internet applications and services to Small Business clients around London. from our Tier 4 hosting facility - Custodian Data Centers in Maidstone Kent using n+1 redundant Supermicro servers.

We provide fast web and secure (SSL) imap and pop3 email hosting and cheap, compliant easy to use email marketing software.

We host, manage and backup Microsoft Windows Small Business Servers, dedicated Linux servers and Asterisk/ SIP based VoIP PBX solutions.